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Date: January 18, 2014 | Time: 12:37pm

Maybe you want to look good for your crush or are newly single & looking for a date. There could be a special occasion coming up.... Valentine's Day IS around the corner! Or maybe you just want (as we say back home) get your Mojo working. We are women & we want to feel pretty for no reason sometimes. I have a lot of people ask me what I do and for beauty tips. So here are some of my MUSTs for you.

1. Smile, smile, smile. I repeat... smile!!!!! People are always drawn to positive energy and to happy people. Think about it, gorgeous stud muffin at the bar is going to talk to a smiling woman because she comes across as more approachable... and niceJ Honestly who would try to strike up a conversation with someone frowning.... I definitely would not. Also when you put a smile on it makes you happy and you just are in a better mood. Smiling not only can help you land Mr. Dreamboat but also help in the workplace. People like being surrounded by happy people all the time which includes working hours. It also makes the work day go by faster if everyone is happy and getting along and in a good mood. I personally will hire smiling happy people over people that are not. I think that smile wrinkles are the only wrinkles definitely worth getting and keeping! And happy people live longer lives, what more needs to be said

2. Illuminating creams/powders. These are fabulous and I seriously don't know how I ever lived without them!!! If you have any imperfections in your skin (discoloration, scars, pimple etc.) the cream will reflect light off of it which helps conceal these issues. Not only is it great at concealing but it does give your skin kind of a highlight shimmer and a glow about you. A healthy beautiful glow can certainly help attract the perfect man or coworker. You can use it 2 ways, either mix it in with your lotion for an allover subtle shimmer or use it alone on cheekbones, bridge of nose and even the hair border of your forehead. Be careful when applying it though because depending on your lighting & which one you are using you may not be able to see it. If you can't or at least until you get the hang of it go out in the sunlight with a mirror to check. If it's night time then just get a very bright light or lamp to get near. My 2 faves are Nars Orgasm cream (has more of a pinkish color) and Moonbeam by Benefit (more of an ivory color).


Nars Orgasm Illuminating Cream

Moon Beam Illuminating Liquid

Moon Beam Illuminating Liquid

3. Oil!!! Anyone who knows me know that I LOVE oil!!!! I think it's great to use on your skin. I personally use organic jojoba oil before I get out of the shower. It makes your skin so soft & your man will love caressing your skin. I also oil for my hair. There are numerous oils out there that have Moroccan oil, Argon oil, and even some with Keratin mixed with it. I think the oil really helps to strengthen your hair and also gives it a nice sheen.... Plus smells good! Who doesn't want to be near someone who smells good?

Lash Extensioin

Lash Extensions

4. Who loves lashes.... I do!!!!!!! I admit to the love of the falsies!!!! I think if anyone who is pressed for time getting ready like I usually am then these are the way to go. Many days I will just throw lip gloss & bronzer on & go. If the eyelash extensions are done correctly then they don't look fake if you're worried about that. Usually the lash technician will customize length, size, and fullness to what you desire. It is a lengthy process to get done but once done the touch ups are short, easy and done every 3 weeks. The saying the eyes are the windows to the soul speaks volumes. Women can easily attract a man by batting some lovely lashes at them. The lashes will also make the eyes pop and give a look of natural eyeliner so no eyeliner needed (even more time saved while getting ready for the perfect date).

5. Just call me red!!! Some days just call for some red lipstick! The brighter bolder the better! Nothing speaks confidence like some bright red lips. I personally use the Kate Moss brand that I purchase at Walgreens. If ever wanting to impress or come across confident maybe while asking your boss for a raise then wear some bright red lipstick. It will yell out Strong and Confident before you even have to open your red lips! I also know about a study with men subconsciously being around specific colors and it is proven that the color red makes them weak. So when you're ready to ask your husband for a new car or new house.... Put on your red!

Great Red Lipstick

Great Red Lipstick

6. Lastly feeling good & confident is EVERYTHING!!!! If you feel good you will look good and attract that Prince Charming or Perfect Boss. If you feel beautiful then you are beautiful and everyone else will see this and feel the same about you. Go on and rock your beautiful amazing self and get that Mojo going!!!!

Dr A

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Date: December 15, 2013 | Time: 9:14pm

Image Image

If your body is healthy on the inside it will show through your skin on the outside. One way to help achieve this is from antioxidants, they are great for your skin and body. Antioxidants can be remembered as ACES which I still remember like that from school. They are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Selenium, hence ACESJ Antioxidants help reverse free radical damage to your cells in your body. Free radical damage can come from eating something with toxins in it or being around pollution, smoke and most chemicals. Not only should your skin products have plenty of antioxidants in them (think night cream, mask etc.) but you should be consuming plenty of them each day. When shopping for products at the grocery store remember that the brighter the color, then there are more antioxidants in them. Take bell peppers for example, they come in 4 colors; green, red, orange and yellow. The yellow bell pepper has 30% more antioxidants than the green bell pepper. Other sources of antioxidants are berries (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry and cranberry). Another good rule of thumb is anything with vitamin C in it is great for you. Here's a recipe for an antioxidant packed smoothie that will get you feeling great and have your skin looking beautiful as well. For use as a homemade mask, just eliminate the milk and blend then lather on your face.

Antioxidant Boost SmoothieImage

1 cup Greek yogurt

1/2 cup almond milk

1 1/2 cup frozen berries (I use a blend)

*Blend & drink

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Date: November 18, 2013 | Time: 9:54pm

I did not know the difference between over the counter skin care products and medical grade skin care products until about 6 years ago. I feel compelled now that I know to educate others on the difference and the importance.

Yes it is true that the majority of skin care lines (Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Estee Lauder etc.) are all owned by approximately 8-10 major international companies. Some of the top global cosmetic companies are L'Oreal, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Estee Lauder and Shisheido. What does this mean??? There is not a major difference in ingredients (within the same parent company) between an expensive over the counter product (something purchased at the Mall) and an inexpensive over the counter product (something purchased at Wal-Mart or CVS etc.). But by all means if you find a product whether it is a cleanser, scrub or mask that you absolutely love and feel you can feel and see a difference with it and it works with your skin well then stick with it. Even though 90% of what I put on my face is medical grade I will admit there are a few masks that are over the counter I use still that I am completely in love with and have used for years. Because I know you are curious which ones.... I will but of course share!!!

  1. Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque
  2. Guinot Essential Nutrition Comfort Mask
  3. Pevonia Enzymo-Spherides Peeling Cream
  4. Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Mask

Now the question is "What is the difference between the two?". Okay so there are 2 layers to the skin. They are the dermis and the epidermis. The epidermis is really only just the surface of the skin. Basically any over the counter skin product (non-medical grade) will only affect the epidermis or surface of the skin. This means in the long run that the skin will not really be affected nor change much. With medical grade skin care the products actually get all the way down to the dermis of the skin. The dermis of the skin is quite very deep and also has connective tissue and blood vessels buried within it. The products that get down to the dermis can actually help heal and change the texture of your skin from the inside out. The price difference between some of the over the counter products as opposed to medical grade are really not that far apart if any difference at all!!! I have physically seen amazing improvements in patients over 3-6 month period once they have switched to medical grade products. My thought process is, if you are spending $60-$100 on let's say an antioxidant serum well I want to know that it is getting down all the way to my dermis and actually doing some real work instead of just sitting on the surface of my skin.

Epidermis and Dermis Graphic

Epidermis and Dermis Anatomy

Okay so now you know to use medical grade skin care lines, now you need to know what those are. Here is a list of some of my favorites including what I carry at my office, the Neova line. I've listed these in order from my favorite to my least. This is personally my opinion and dependent on price, products and effectiveness.



iS Clinical



Dr A

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Date: October 1, 2013 | Time: 2:06pm

Okay so some people do not think that what you wear to work out in makes a difference. I have a very differing opinion. I feel that to "want" to work out you have to feel good. I will admit that I do not wake up every day wanting and looking forward to working out; sometimes it is the last thing I want to do! Other times I have to force myself and literally drag my body into the gym. Shocking I know to think that someone is not excited about going to the gym every day, haha!

Nike Dry Fit Wool

Nike Dry Fit Wool

I feel that the clothing and gear that is worn needs to be comfortable, productive and look good which will make someone feel more confident.

As far as comfortable goes, a sports bra for us ladies is a must for comfort. If it is too tight, too big, too elastic, pinching then a workout can be cut short because it is just uncomfortable. I think that the right sports bra is a must for women for working out and really depends on each person and especially the size of each woman. For larger breasted women there needs to be more support than for smaller breasted women. Also it helps if they have more elastic so they move better. I have a particular one I love that even has adjustable straps that make it even more functional. The sports bras with dry wicking I find are better than others too, really any clothing that someone is sweating in is best if it has dry wicking to it.

Under Armour Sports Bra

Under Armour Sports Bra

As far as shirts go if it is too loose then it can get in the way of certain exercises or other functions. If it is too tight then it can be uncomfortable. I think with shirts it is more personal preference of what people like and feel comfortable in but again I will reiterate the fact of having dry wicking in whichever kind of shirt is worn.

When speaking of shorts and or pants that are worn it can depend on the type of exercise. Most people that are doing exercises where there is much movement like soccer, running, rock climbing, tennis etc. then it is important that there is enough give in the fabric or that there are shorts/skirts to where there is enough movement. If the weather is cold while people are doing exercises outside then people will want to wear longer pants with fabrics that will keep their muscles warm. I personally prefer the dry wicking with any shorts or pants as well.

As far as socks and shoes go the list is endless. There are plenty of socks that have different levels of support from light, moderate and heavy support. I recommend having some support at all times in socks. As far as shoes go, sometimes it again depends on the exercise. Running, hiking, ballet and rock climbing will all need different pairs of shoes. But as long as the shoes are a close toe shoe then I recommend having inserts into the shoes to decrease the shock absorption to decrease the amount of stress on the joints and back. We use foot levelers inserts for our patients after their foot has been laser scanned into the computer and a personal soft orthotic made to correct for any issues going on in the feet. Some of these soft orthotic inserts can decrease the shock absorbency up to 50%, this is huge and your body will thank you!

Lulu Lemon Running Shorts

Lulu Lemon Running Shorts

Let us face it, there is some workout gear that crazy expensive and some that is really cheap. I think anything that is on sale is always great!!!! There are some brands that I like that are reasonably priced like Under Armor that have the dry wicking and keep muscles dry & warm. Under armour has my personal favorite sports bra with adjustable straps. I also love Lulu lemon pants which are expensive. The reason I think they are worth the money is because they can be washed and dried numerous times and they still fit and look like they are brand new. I have had other yoga pants & running pants/shorts that have fallen apart or faded after a few washes. I personally love the thorlo support socks with pads for the heels and toes, since I am on my feet all day I actually wear these on a regular basis. As far as heavy exercising including 6-8 hours then I prefer swiftwick socks or merino wool hiking support socks.

Thorlo Socks

Thorlo Socks

No matter what your exercise is of choice or if just working out at gym inside, make sure that you are equipped with the correct outfit and gear. Most of all make sure you feel comfortable and confident and you will be happier about your exercising.

Let's get moving & exercising,

Dr A








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Date: March 21, 2013 | Time: 8:06pm

Grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers

Tower Garden(R) is versatile enough to grow almost any crop, including fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce, herbs, and flowers.

Tower Garden in bloom

Plus, thanks to its aeroponic technology and specially formulated Tower Tonic(R), you can produce these highly nutritious fruits and vegetables in less time than it takes in soil. Gourmet lettuce and other leafy greens grow quickly and can usually be harvested just 3 weeks after transplanting.

The better way to eat healthy

You don't need any gardening experience to use Tower Garden(R). Its compact, state-of-the-art vertical aeroponic system fits easily on patios, rooftops, terraces, and-most of all-into a healthy diet.

It's healthier

Tower Garden helps you eat more fruits and vegetables by letting you grow delicious vine-ripened produce right outside your back door. Grow almost anything you like, including tomatoes, lettuce, basil, peppers, spinach, beans, cucumbers, melons, and herbs. And increase your children's interest in eating fresh fruits and vegetables by involving them in gardening.

With vine-ripened produce right outside your back door, Tower Garden makes it convenient to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Not only that, because Tower Garden produce is better tasting, better looking-even better smelling-you and your family will likely find yourselves wanting to eat more fruits and vegetables. So you'll reap additional nutritional benefits as well.

You can grow up to 20 plants with your standard Tower Garden.

Studies have shown that gardening increases children's interest in eating fresh fruits and vegetables. And Tower Garden is fun for the family.


Tower Garden is easy to assemble and maintain, and it can be placed in any relatively sunny place outside. There's no soil, no weeds, and no ground pests to worry about. And you'll have a full range of customer support to help ensure a successful growing experience, including our online Resource Center.

Tower Garden's key advantages to traditional gardening

  • Comes with everything you need to start growing
  • Compact design fits almost anywhere, including patios, decks, porches, balconies, terraces, or rooftop gardens
  • Soil-free system means there is no weeding, tilling, kneeling, or getting dirty
  • No gardening experience is necessary
  • Grows many fruits and almost any vegetable, herb, or flower-faster than in soil
  • Uses less than 10% of the water and land involved in traditional gardening
  • Reduces the need for pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides
  • Fewer issues with climate, such as heat, cold, drought
  • Help is just a call or click away

*Your Tower Garden will grow just about anything except root vegetables, grapevines, bushes, and trees.

**NASA research suggests aeroponic growing takes about half the time of traditional growing.


Because of its unique aeroponic technology and vertical design, Tower Garden uses less than 10% of the water and land required by traditional, soil-based agriculture.

Grow more & save more. Grow nutritious fruits and vegetables at home using our unique vertical garden that not only saves you money on produce, but is also eco-friendly.

Healthy Savings

Tower Garden(R) is designed to last a lifetime, and most people tell us that it easily pays for itself over time. Our vertical garden is not only a better long-term value than store-bought produce, it also can cost less than investing in all the tools and products needed to cultivate a traditional garden at home.


Enjoy a healthier diet and a better environment with Tower Garden. Its patented aeroponic growing system recycles 100% of its nutrients and water, and its vertical design reduces the need for space. Plants therefore use less than 10% of both the water and the land that are commonly used in conventional farming.

For ordering your Tower Garden today, visit our online store.


Fruits & Vegetables

  • Amaranth (vegetable type)
  • Arugula
  • Bayam
  • Beans: Lima, bush, pole, shell, fava, green
  • Broccoli
  • Broccoli Raab
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Cabbage and Chinese cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Chard, all types
  • Chicory
  • Collards
  • Cucumbers
  • Cress
  • Dandelion, Italian
  • Eggplant, European and Asian
  • Endive
  • Escarole
  • Garbanzo beans
  • Gourds, edible and ornamental
  • Kale
  • Kinh gioi
  • Kohlrabi
  • Komatsuna
  • Leeks
  • Lettuce, all types
  • Mesclun Varieties
  • Melons, all types
  • Misome
  • Mizuna
  • Mustard Greens
  • Ngo Gai
  • Okra
  • Pak Choy
  • Perilla
  • Peas, all types
  • Peppers, all types
  • Radicchio
  • Sorrel
  • Spinach
  • Squash, all types
  • Strawberries
  • Tomatoes, all types


  • Angelica
  • Anise Hyssop
  • Basil, all types
  • Bee Balm
  • Borage
  • Calendula
  • Catmint
  • Catnip
  • Chamomile
  • Chervil
  • Chives
  • Cilantro (Coriander) and Culantro
  • Citrus Basil
  • Cumin
  • Cutting Celery
  • Dandelion
  • Dill
  • Echinacea (Coneflower)
  • Epazote
  • Feverfew
  • Flax
  • Garlic Chives
  • Goldenseal
  • Hyssop
  • Lavender
  • Leaf Fennel
  • Lemon Balm
  • Lemon Grass
  • Lovage
  • Marjoram
  • Mexican Mint Marigold
  • Milk Thistle
  • Mint, all varieties
  • Nettle
  • Oregano
  • Parsley (leafy types only)
  • Passion Flower
  • Pleurisy Root
  • Pyrethrum
  • Rosemary
  • Rue
  • Sage
  • Salad Burnet
  • Saltwort
  • Savory
  • Shiso
  • Stevia
  • Thyme
  • Valerian
  • Wormwood
  • Mibura


Edible Flowers include:

  • Calendula
  • Carthamus
  • Dianthus
  • Hyacinth Bean
  • Marigolds
  • Monarda
  • Nasturtiums
  • Pansies
  • Salvia
  • Scarlet Runner Bean
  • Sunflowers (dwarf varieties only)
  • Violas

Ornamental Flowers include:

  • Ageratum
  • Agrostemma
  • Ammi
  • Amaranth, Globe
  • Amaranthus
  • Artemisia
  • Aster
  • Bells of Ireland
  • Bupleurum
  • Cardoon
  • Safflower
  • Centaurea
  • Celosia
  • Coleus
  • Cosmos
  • Craspedia
  • Datura
  • Delphinium
  • Digitalis
  • Eucalyptus
  • Euphorbia
  • Forget-me-not
  • Hibiscus
  • Impatiens
  • Kale, ornamental
  • Morning Glory
  • Nigella
  • Petunia
  • Phlox
  • Poppy
  • Polygonum
  • Ptilotus
  • Salpiglossis
  • Rudbeckia
  • Sanvitalia
  • Scabiosa
  • Snapdragon
  • Statice
  • Stock
  • Strawflower
  • Sweet Peas
  • Thunbergia
  • Verbena
  • Yarrow
  • Zinnia

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Date: January 21, 2013 | Time: 6:57pm

Botox has been used for over 17 years to treat many medical conditions. BOTOX(R) Cosmetic is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to improve the look of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the brows in people 18 to 65 years of age for a short period of time (temporary).

Looking for BOTOX in West Palm Beach? At Palm Beach Medical BOTOX Cosmetic is administered by a healthcare professional as a simple, nonsurgical treatment that is injected directly into the muscles between the brows. It works by blocking nerve impulses to the injected muscles. This reduces muscle activity which relaxes the muscle that causes moderate to severe lines to form between the brows. The effects are localized and when, administered by an experienced physician, do not affect your ability to smile, laugh or show expression.
west palm beach botox

Our doctor will ask you about your goals to determine where to administer BOTOX(R)Cosmetic. To do this, our doctor may examine your ability to move certain muscles in your brow area. The location, size, and use of the muscles that create furrow between your brows can vary among individuals.

Make sure you ask our doctor any questions you may have about your expectations for treatment.

Botox by Palm Beach Medical is quick and minimally invasive. Our office uses the smallest gauge needle on the market to minimize discomfort. No anesthesia is required, though you may choose to numb the area with a cold pack or anesthetic cream prior to injecting.

Improvement may begin within 24-48 hours and your results may increase during the first week after treatment and can continue to improve up to 30 days after treatment. Visible results have been shown to last up to 4 months although individual results vary.

Our doctor offers free consultations!

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Date: November 1, 2012 | Time: 9:36pm

Oh yes I love some Halloween and obviously my office staff does too!!!! We like to have a costume contest every year for patients and staff and give away prizes. We decorate and turn it into a fun day at the office. How much fun is dressing up in costumes.... really???? I am posting some of our silly pics from the day. Thanks to all of our patients that came by and participated as well!

Dr Angela

Gabriela and Garey

Gabriela and Donetta

Vidya and Dr Angela

Gabriela, Vidya, Dr Angela



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Date: October 10, 2012 | Time: 8:29am

Oh the fun stuff, let's talk beauty! Okay let's face it; every person wants to look their best. Whether out for dinner with friends, relaxing with the family or in the middle of a big work deal having a healthy glowing appearance will make anyone more confident and better able to enjoy the pleasures of life. Luckily in this day in age there are numerous beauty regimes that people can do as a preventative to help with aging. I cannot imagine what it would have been like 40 years ago; people would definitely be relying on amazing genes! Presently with anti-aging techniques such as Laser Therapy, Chemical/Acid Peels, Botox, and Dermal Injectable Fillers people are able to restore their youthful self while refraining from plastic surgery. It's amazing that people can achieve these results without plastic surgery which many people are afraid of because of the risks and complications associated with it and the downtime relied on for recovery. So for this feature I am going to discuss all the exciting way injectable dermal fillers can be used.

Most people like to use the dermal injectable fillers for the Nasolabial folds which are the lines that run from your nose to the corners of your mouth. The other lines that fillers can take care of are the laugh lines which are usually around the sides of your mouth along with the Marionette lines which run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. People can also use the fillers for the cheeks to either make bigger cheek bones or to fill in any hollowness in the cheek and to fill in their chin. Another popular area to have the dermal injectable fillers used is around the mouth or for the lips. Some people just want slightly larger lips where others use the dermal injectable fillers to correct or balance size issues with the upper lip compared to the lower lip or vice versa. Others can use the fillers to just erase the wrinkles in the lips which will bring back the youthful appearance again. Typically the thought was anything above the nose was for Botox and anything below the nose was for Dermal Fillers. Recently that has changed and people have been getting fillers in the eyelid and brow area receiving great results. Some ladies even like to use the fillers for their hands to help give a plumper look after losing collagen.

Popular dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm have had FDA approval for several years, as early as 2003. Over the past few years that they've been in use, over ten million treatments have been successfully executed in the United States alone. Injectable fillers Restylane, Perlane and Juv'ederm are composed mainly of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally found in the body. One of the great qualities of having dermal fillers injected is there is no down time. Some people on occasion have had some bruising but it can be covered with makeup and will usually only be bruised for a couple of days. Injectable dermal fillers also have INSTANT results, and what lady doesn't love instant results? A few years ago some of the companies started putting lidocaine into the syringes to help numb the area as soon as it is injected and it has made the process much smoother. The procedure is quick and takes anywhere from 15-30 minutes so can be done on a lunch break. Depending on the person most dermal fillers injected will last 9 months to a year and there have been a few people that reported it lasting longer. The cost of the dermal fillers can be anywhere from $300-$600 depending on which dermal filler is used and what the office charges. It's always fun to see the before and after photos of the fillers. I have some pictures posted at http://www.palmbeachmed.com for anyone to look at. As always my office is open for any questions and a free consultation for anyone.

Dr. Angela

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Date: September 29, 2012 | Time: 9:17pm

So I am going to break it down for all the questions (hopefully ALL) that there are on Laser Hair Removal. These questions are a compilation of all the questions I have answered. If I have missed one that you have, feel free to post a question and I will add it to the post:)

Q: Is it Painful? A: No, I repeat no... our office as the new non painful laser. There are older lasers that are painful but that is not the machine we use.

Q: Can someone be out in the sun? A: It depends on your skin tone (because that depends on which hand piece is used) and for some skin tones you will need to refrain from the sun a few days before and a few days after.

Q: What color skin can have the procedure performed? A: With our machine all skin colors (6 total in the Fitzpatrick Skin Scale) can have the laser performed. A couple of skin tones will need one to two treatments more than most.

Q: Can the laser take care of grey or white hair? A: Actually no it cannot. Some places will have you dye the hair just before having the laser done but our office has found it ineffective and we will not do the laser on white or grey hair.

Q: How long does the procedure take? A: This is a tricky question. Underarms usually take 5-10 minutes. With large areas though like full back or full legs and because when an appointment is made on the phone we do not ask for your height and weight, it can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. Obviously someone 5'2'' and 90 pounds compared to someone 5'10" and 175 pounds will have a big difference in surface area for the laser to cover. Large areas are hard to tell for that reason.

Q: Is there any down time? A: No there is not. Someone can return to work or family with nobody knowing.

Q: Is there any preparation? A: Yes!!!! A client MUST shave before the procedure. If there is hair then the laser will hurt and burn the hair left and the burnt hair will lie on the skin and burn the skin. We tell clients to shave the night before or the day of. Nair can also be used if someone does not want to shave. Waxing or plucking CANNOT be done within 3 weeks of the appointment because it will cause the laser to be ineffective because waxing and plucking pull out the hair follicle.

Q: How many treatments does it take? A: With most skin tones it takes 4-6 treatments and a couple other skin tones need 7-9. We do an average of 7 treatments.

Q: Are there times it does not work? A: Some women (very few!) are either taking hormones or have naturally occurring high hormones which cause the hair cycles to grow much faster than normal. These few clients will need to return sooner than the normal client.

Q: When the package is complete will there be future treatments? A: Yes but only 1-2 maintenance treatments per year.

Q: Because the laser is expensive are there payment plans? A: Yes there are and if needed payment can be made per session.

Hopefully this Q and A session can answer most questions. Feel free to post any others that can be thought.


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Date: September 10, 2012 | Time: 9:02pm

Yes oooooh gross, blood is no fun and is yucky you say. Yes yes I know this. I also know that it is not fun to get your blood taken but it is VERY important, I repeat, it is VERY important that people get routine blood work done.

Some will say that people do not need to worry until they are in their thirties or forties about getting blood work done. Some will say that unless someone has a diagnosed disease that routine blood work is not needed. I completely disagree with these thoughts. I feel the way to be the healthiest is to be preventative. So many times I hear of patients that have not had blood work done in three to six years. This is crazy to me. I cannot stress enough that every, yes EVERY person should have routine blood work done once a year. We all know those people that wake up one day and have weird symptoms and ignore them for quite a while and then when they finally do go to the doctor, something tragic is discovered. Anyone who has ever watched the always entertaining House knows that the first thing that is always done is blood work. And why; because it rules in or out eighty percent of things. Example: High Cholesterol, if I were to have gotten my blood work done the last two years and saw my cholesterol creeping up then I would know that I need to start getting it in check as opposed to not have gotten blood work done in five years and all of a sudden see that my cholesterol is through the rood and I need to drastically change all my ways and diet. It is preventative because if there is some illness or disease starting then someone can have it taken care of before it gets out of control or is full blown.

Cost you ask..... actually very reasonable. Depending on which tests are needed the blood work costs on average between fifty and one hundred dollars. For people that have health insurance and can cost anywhere from a copay of thirty dollars to maybe even nothing and be for free. Blood work is also covered under some health insurance plans as preventative or wellness care. Even insurance of Medicaid and Medicare, depending on which state most of the time covers at least the basic blood work. Take charge of your health starting now and spend this small amount for your preventative care each year with blood work.

Dr A

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